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Mangolte family related sites:

Pierre-André Mangolte, chercheur: "Controverses du XIXème siècle sur la Propriété Intellectuelle"

Frédéric Mangolte, mathematicien :

Distribution of the films & Photographic Rights

Babette Mangolte’s Films (16mm prints and PAL or NTSC Digital Beta tape) are all copyrighted by the filmmaker and are available through the filmmaker.
In the US some of the films are distributed by the Filmmakers’ Coop in New York City. In England distribution of some of the films were at Circle and are now in transit to another organization (still pending).

In France the Collective from a Living Cinema had all the early films and those prints are still available.

In Germany the Berlin Cinematheque distributes four films, The Cold Eye (My Darling Be Careful) 1980, There? Where? 1979, The Sky on Location 1982 and Visible Cities 1991.
All photographs by Babette Mangolte are copyrighted. Any reproduction that isn’t validated by a reproduction contract is illegal.

No photograph has been sold to any agency and one time right reproduction is only available directly from the photographer Babette Mangolte.

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